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The most difficult experience in my life is the separation of my parents. I learned everyone in the family should love each other so the family would not fall apart. When I grow up I want to be an accountant because book-keeping is my favorite subject. I will study hard to get there. The happiest time in my life has not happened yet. It will be when I score the highest and get ranked number one in the class. I like to help the community and to teach them how to resolve the family issues so there will be no divorce. After I become an accountant, I will become a sponsor to the School Fund so it can continue help other students like me.

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Hi Student

Are you ready for your school break? When I was at school, I cannot wait to have my summer and winter breaks.

I did a bit traveling last month. I took a cruise trip to cross the Atlantic Ocean. I boarded the ship in Miami. It took seven days to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the first stop is at Canary Islands. It is part of Spain. The crossing was pretty smooth. I only had one rough sea day. It was nice to get off the boat and touched the land. Eventually we visit three other cities in Spain, Malaga, Catagena and Barcelona. Basically the boat sailed along the northern end of the Middertarian sea. Later we also visited Nice, which is in France, and Florence, which is in Italy. Finally we got off in Roma. Have you heard of these places? Maybe you can use the Internet to google these places. The whole trip lasted 17 days. I am very happy to return home after this long period of time. Nothing compares to home. Don't you agree?

What is the plan for the school break? Please write back to me and let me know.

Until next time,
Hello Judy,
It is a long time since you wrote me a journal though i have been writing to you with no answers.May be you are now still in work a reason which causes you not to write but i am not sure.I would like to inform you that i was in my Monthly Exams in the passed two weeks which i am waiting for the result of mine and of my fellow recipients.From what i did i am expecting good results as they are my first Form Three exams.Though the exams were tough i am now preparing for the Mid-term ones which i trust i will do better than these ones.I'll inform you soon after getting my total results.Looking forward on your post and i wish you a good day.
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  • Philemon




    I am from a nuclear family with poor economic status. We depend on a small plot of farm. Paying for my school needs is difficult. At the beginning of the first term of my school, I hoped to do better in my class and now I am. I worked with carpenters during the break in order to pay school requirements. It was difficult to keep reviewing in mind what we learned for the whole term. My father did not go to secondary school and he doesn't understand the value of education. My dream is to be an engineer I can reach this by learning good skills.

    School Year 2018

  • Amani




    My name is Amani. The most difficult experience I had in early life was poverty. From poverty I learned that education is the only instrument that can eradicate it. My dream for my life is to become a doctor and I will get there through obedience to teachers and working with teachers and students who have experience in science subjects and studying hard. I will make sure that improvement in my studies takes first position. I will work with other students and share ideas with them. I want to reach my goal in science subjects. I felt especially proud of myself when I passed the Form 4 National examinations. The happiest moment of my life would be to succeed in my studies. What I want to accomplish over four years is to have my school fees paid and to keep studying hard so as to reach my goal.

    School Year 2017

  • Aisha Idrisa


    Aisha Idrisa


    The most difficult experience of my life is when my mother died. I have to help out some house chores, but that does not stop me from studying hard. I want to be an eye doctor to help those who suffer eye problems. I will study hard and make sure I pass my exams. I felt proud of myself when I am able to make other people happy. My happiest moment in my life is when I passed my exams and my family were proud of me too. When I fulfill my dream I will build an eye hospital to treat all types of eye problem. I will contribute half of my salary to the School Fund to help more needy children.

    School Year 2018

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