Florence is a student from Kenya. She needs $340 to stay in school and is currently 29% toward her goal.

Raised $100 from 1 donor Needs $240


Florence was raised by her mother and grandmother. She enjoys playing football and netball. Although she works hard, her mother struggled to pay school fees for her and her brother. She dreams of being a community health work and building solid relationships with her teachers in secondary school. She wants to give back to her community and to help children and widows.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2019 Form 4
2018 Form 3
2017 Form 2
2016 Form 1


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This is from my daughter, Zoe (age 4):

What is your town like? I live in Ohio. I have a brother and 2 cats and a mom and dad. My Nanna and Skippy (grandparents) came to visit this weekend to hear my brother play piano at his recital. Last year, I did preschool and last year my brother did first grade. And I want to see your house! My brother loves me, so much! Good luck in school!
Very best of luck to your Florence!! I too play football (Soccer in the USA) and hope you can keep your passion for sports while you work hard in school towards your career hops of becoming a community health worker. Your family and friends will rely on you - make them proud!

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    Suhaib has seven sisters and three brothers. Suhaib’s biggest accomplishment is coming to our school and learning how to speak English. Now that he is learning English, Suhaib enjoys reading English novels. His favorite classes are math and English. When not reading and studying, Suhaib also enjoys playing soccer. In the future, Suhaib hopes to become a doctor so that he can help people in his country.

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