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Joanrose dreams of studying medicine in order to help people suffering from deadly diseases. She would also like to fight against drug abuses and prostitution in her neighborhood. She is worried about the influence of drugs on young people in her neighborhood and she wants to combat drug use in order to make her community stronger. Her parents are very sick and this makes it difficult for them to pay her school fees. It is also difficult on her psychologically. She feels that if she gets an education she will be better able to take care of her parents and improve her own future.

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This year it will be fifty years since I graduated from secondary school. My school is holding a reunion but I think I live too far away to go. But I remember so much about my school years, and I think school made a huge difference in my life. Here is a picture from my graduation. I am the one wearing glasses.
I am a retired music teacher and want you to know that your tuition is paid for 2017. I want you to finish school and I will do what I can to make sure you get the chance. I play weddings and concerts for money and I use that money to help students by contributing to their tuition fees. I would love to hear back from you.

Barb Creider

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