Violet is fully funded for 2018, but she is raising funds for the current funding year.

Violet is a student from Kenya. She needs $340 to stay in school and is currently 29% toward her goal.

Raised $100 from 2 donors Needs $240


"I have faced many challenges such as a lack of textbooks. I had a torn uniform that I could not mend for a very long time. I was brought up in Kibera until class four when my life started to become hard. That's when I was taken to a rural area where I was staying with my grandmother who used to help my mother in paying school fees when she was unable. In fact I want to be a teacher so that I can be able to educate young children from the slums."

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2019 Form 4
2018 Form 3
2017 Form 2
2016 Form 1


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Greetings Violet.
I am Nancy a fellow student from Kenya and I am now in grade three.i am putting efforts in my studies looking forward to pursue my career as an accountant .
I am a student who is happy when studying and especially when sharing ideas with friends who can help me like friends who can mostly share important thins like counseling me whenever I do wrong and showing me the correct ways .
What is your career? What do you like doing during your free time?
I am know going back to school after the April holiday which has been too rainy and I have been working hard in the garden .
I wish you all the best in studies and may the Almighty grand you the best. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR STUDIES AND WISH YOU ALL THE BEST
Thank you
I am so happy that you want to be a teacher, Violet. I am a teacher too!

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    Suhayb lives with his five sisters, brother and mother. Suhayb is proud to be attending our school and to be learning English. His greatest accomplishment is learning English. When he first joined our school, he was not able to speak English. Suhayb most enjoys learning. In school, his favorite classes are Algebra, English, and Theatre. Outside of class he enjoys reading mystery or science fiction books, or going over his notes from classes. When not learning something new, Suhayb enjoys playing soccer or being with friends. In the future, Suhayb hopes to be a petroleum engineer.

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    Warda lives with her mother, two grandmothers, grandfather, five sisters, and three brothers. Warda is excited to be at our school and to be receiving a quality education. Though she finds the rigors of our school difficult, she is determined to succeed. By studying her notes, seeing her teachers and peers for help, Warda is sure that she can succeed and be the best student possible. Although learning English as a second language is difficult for Warda, English is her favorite class. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels to help improve her English, or playing soccer or basketball for fun. In the future, Warda hopes to be doctor to help the poor in her country.

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    Nancy is the second born child in a family of 5 children; two brothers and two sisters. Nancy and her siblings live with their aging grand parents. Her mother is single and earns a living doing casual labor in town to support her family. Her little income however, can not support Nancy's education. Nancy sat for her KCPE exam in 2015 and scored 380 marks and was among the best students at her primary school. She is a brilliant girl with a strong passion to overcome the odds in her life to gain an education and earn a career. She believes that a good education is the foundation a successful life. She hopes to gain secondary education and study hard to become an accountant in the future.

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