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Cynthia lives with her parents and three younger brothers, aged nine, five and two, in a small rented house in a village in the mountains. Her father works on the land. His income is erratic: at times he cannot find work and at other times the severe mountain weather prevents him from working. Cynthia goes to the local school, although she will have to change schools at the end of the next academic year as her present school does not cater for the last three years of secondary education. This will mean a fairly long daily journey for Cynthia, as the nearest suitable school is several miles away. At the moment, she is happy with her friends in the local school. She particularly enjoys maths and eventually hopes to be able to find a job working with computers.

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I changed school last year, so at first things were quite difficult. I have to make a long journey, and I had to make new friends. The new school is much bigger than my old school. Now, I've got used to it and I'm very happy there, and I think I have a lot of opportunities that I didn't have before.

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