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Karen is the second youngest of six children aged between 6 and 19. She lives with her brothers, sisters and parents in a small rented house with three rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The family income is low and there is often not enough money to go round. Before getting help from Condor Trust, she was often unable to complete tasks at school because she couldn't buy the necessary things. It has been a great relief to her to know that her educational expenses can now be paid and that she no longer loses out when there are special activities at school. She takes the challenge of being a good student very seriously and wants in the future to have a professional career, probably as an accountant, so she can help her parents as well as herself. When not studying, Karen loves to play football.

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Hello. I love playing football. I don't always have much time, but I try to play every week. Lots of girls in Ecuador play football. I think it's a very good way to make friends too.
From my daughter Zoe (age 4):

I want to give a backpack with my mommy and daddy and my brother. I like to tell jokes. Are you funny? When you are in your place are you safe? Do you know Spanish? And what do you do for fun? I play with my brother out in my driveway and I go to dance class at my school. And I go to gymnastics. And I am going to be a witch for Halloween!

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