Silvia is a student from Peru. She needs $1213 to stay in school and is currently 73% toward her goal.

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"Silvia comes from a small community on the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu. Her community is in a beautiful natural area, but unfortunately suffers from challenges like alcoholism, domestic violence and poverty. There is also no option to access secondary education in near her home, so in order to attend secondary school she was chosen to participate in the Sacred Valley Project in the town of Ollantaytambo. Sacred Valley Project provides housing and leadership programming to girls like Silvia. Silvia dreams of one day owning her own restaurant and opening a shelter for abandoned children from in and around her community. To accomplish these dreams she applied and was accepted to Mosqoy. She just began her studies in Hotel and Business Administration and continues to build her leadership skills. We are excited to see Silvia develop into a leader for positive change in her community. “Si te caes, levántate y seguir viendo tu futuro.” “If you fall down, get up and continue to look towards the future.”

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2020 Year Four
2018 Year Three
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2016 Year One


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Hola, Silvia! Admiro mucho tanto tus planes de futuro, como tu trabajo para alcanzarles. Estoy muy orgullosa de poder apoyarte un poco y te deseo mucha suerte! Mucho animo!
Gracias a los donantes por apoyarme para seguir con mis sueños, estoy muy agradecida. Para terminar mi carrera solo me falta un año y medio, ya empecé con mi ingles y estoy trabajando ya en hoteles.

Thank you to all donors for supporting me and [helping me] to continue [fulfilling] my dreams. I am so grateful. I have only one year and a half left of my studies and I recently started studying English [at the Khipu Institute, where I study]. I have also started working in a hotel.
Hola, bueno, estos últimos meses conseguí mis prácticas. Estoy haciendo mis prácticas en el hotel Sumaq Illary y estoy en el área de housekeeping y atención al cliente. Las áreas que me gustan en este semestre son reservas y agencias de viajes fueron súper bien. Porque me encanto mucho, estoy muy feliz porque cada día aprendo nuevos temas más. También soy parte de Q’ente, soy la encargada de hacer reuniones en las comunidades de Parobamba y Pitukiska. Estoy muy feliz con las personas que confían en mí. Gracias a los donantes poder cumplir con mis sueños y metas.

Hello, well, in these last few months I have gained some work experience in a hotel called Sumaq Illary and I am working in the following areas: housekeeping and customer service. This semester, I have really enjoyed studying reservations and tourism agencies. As I like them so much, I am very happy that I am learning new things each day. Also, I am now part of Q’ente [Mosqoy’s textile program]. I am responsible for running the community meetings in the communities of Parobamba and Pitukiska. I am very happy with those who trust me. Thanks to donors, I am able to fulfil my dreams and goals.
Hola mi nombre es Silvia Huanaco Surco, tengo 20 años y soy de la comunidad de Huayllabamba que pertenece a distrito de Machu Picchu. Estudió la carrera de administración de empresas de hotelera en el Instituto Khipu. El carrera me gusta mucho por hay muchas prácticas y es divertido estar en un hotel! Estoy por 3er semestre, me faltan 3 años más para terminar mi carrera. Tengo 5 hermanas y 3 hermanos, son mis mayores, yo soy la séptima. Mi padre es agricultor y mi madre ama de casa. En mis tiempos libres me gusta leer cuentos, jugar futbol, y arreglan mi cuarto. Gracias por apoyo!
Hello, my name is Silvia Huanaco Surco. I am 20 years old and I am from the community of Huayllabamba which is a part of the District of Machu Picchu. I study business administration and hotel management at the Khipu Institute. I really enjoy this vocation because there is a lot of hands on work and it’s really fun to be working in a hotel! Currently I’m in my 3rd semester, and I have 3 years left until I finish my studies. I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers, most of whom are older than me-- I’m the seventh child. My father is an agriculturist and my mother is a housewife. In my free time I like to read stories, play soccer, and organize my room and my things. Thank you for your support!

Translation done by a Mosqoy volunteer

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