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Class rank: 40/162 I live with my parents, but our life is difficult because we are very poor. My parents failed to pay school fee and to give us basic needs of food, clothes and education. My father is a farmer who grows tomatoes, maize, and vegetables. My mother sells tea to help the family. I want to study hard to change the life of my family and to make my life better and to help other people who have difficult lives like my parents. I pay God to help me. I thank The School Fund for supporting me and helping me to fulfill my dream to become a teacher.

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My fellow student:

Welcome back to school! This is a new semester, it is time for new goals. new ideas and new learning.
At end of last semester, I wrote to you to write to me about the most remarkable or important thing that happened to you during your holiday! I am looking forward to reading your reply when you next write your journal.. Now while I really interested in what are you taking this year what will be your favorite subjects.

Knowledge will give you the power to be known you must read everything you can the more you know the more valuable you will be as a person and to your society.

I am coming to Tanzania at end of August and beginning the September.
I am looking forward to seeing you all.

Have fun and stay focuse! Best wish for all of you!
Hi Indy,
Thank you for sharing with how your Holiday was. With me I cant wait to finish my mock exam and go home to meet with my family. I have really missed them a lot. I have missed to eating together with my family more especially during dinner time.
While am at home I will looking for different learning resources for subjects that has been giving me difficulties is learning. I will visits Serengeti National park which is one of the biggest National park in Tanzania. It has very many wild animals such as Wild beast, elephants, lions and very many other animals. Have you ever seen a wild beast? Just plan to Tanzania and you will get to see them.
I wish you best of luck.
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