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I like to play football, read story books and watch television. My brother told me that if I want to be a doctor, I have to study hard in science subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology. I was happy when I finished primary school because I was going to start secondary school. In secondary school, I found lot of changes. In primary, I studied 8 subjects. All subjects were in Kishwahili except for English which was taught in English. In secondary school we study all subjects in English except Kiswahili. I really work hard to overcome this challenge. I want to be a doctor. People die because there are so few specialized doctors in our country. Support for school fees from The School Fund will help my dream come true because it is hard for my parents to provide basic needs for all our family.

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I hope this message finds you well. How is everything going with you? I am in my senior year, that means I have to deal with college applications while taking quite a few difficult courses. However, I think I enjoy the challenge. I like all my classes, especially AP Studio Art class. I need to prepare more than 20 pieces of art work before next May for this class. It is both challenging and rewarding. How is your school? What classes are you taking? I hope you are doing well.


Hello Madam Judy.
I think you are fine and me I am fine too. I am waiting for the results of national examination which we are finish in this week. I promise you I am going to perform well in this examination because I know what I am done in this examination.
I have one question to asking you today, please can you tell me about the nervous system.
Have a nice day.
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