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I am interested in reading many different kinds of books; I read the Quran, physics books and story books. My guardians do not pay my school fees on time. This makes me so sad, but I hope because of The School Fund there will be no more hard lives for students like me. My ambition is to be a petroleum engineer. I have dreamed of that since I was young. Through the help of The School Fund that I am going to worry less about my academic financial support. Being sponsored feels like going from a hard life to a simple life. It is said that there is no sweet until you sweat. This means I won't succeed without studying hard. I always feel uncomfortable when I fail an exam or someone performs better than me. This makes me ask myself why I don't score high marks. I feel so proud that working hard has made me one of the students chosen to be sponsored by The School Fund. If I did not study hard, all this would not have happened to me. The happiest moments of my life are when I score high marks in exams. I feel happy, proud, comfortable, and also peaceful. What I would like to say to The School Fund is that I am thankful.

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Dear Students,

I love to collect wisdom from different sources that are meaningful to me.
Below are a few of my favorites that I would like to share with you:

1) When you master your emotions, you master your life
Anger. This is one emotion that is sure to pop up sometime during the day. How you deal with your anger says a lot about who you are as a person. How well do you manage your emotions? Do you have a harsh reaction if someone says something insulting to you? Anger can be a destructive emotion if not managed properly.

2) Respect other people’s opinions even when they differ from your own.

Conflict. It’s rare that two people agree on most topics. Conflict is everywhere. It happens at work, home, with family and friends. Disagreeing isn’t the problem (although most people think it is). The problem is not giving value to the opinions of others.

3) Experience The Joy Of Learning

Each time you learn something new you gain more knowledge and with more knowledge come more confidence. Learning helps us become more adaptable and flexible to new situations. Learning encourages us to be more creative and innovative in our thinking and we are therefore more comfortable with the unknown.
Reading books is a great way for us to learn. To fully embrace the joy of learning, never stop reading and searching for more knowledge.

4) Touch someone’s soul with your kindness

Random Acts of Kindness. It’s the little things in life that matter most. Hold a door, smile at people. Kindness does not cost much and it touches the soul of another person.

5) Speech is a powerful tool.

Your words. Watch your words carefully. They can be daggers or building blocks. You can crush the spirit of someone or make them feel like they can conquer the world. Taste your words before you spit them out. Words are your thoughts coming to life. It’s your choice.
What are your favorite quotes and wisdom to live by? I’d love to hear your thought on that.

Jonathan Gilbert
hello tsf
we should always work hard on our goals we have an opportunity for being funded in this

why should we waste this chance guys remember the golden chance never comes twice
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