Vincent Alex is a student from Kenya. He needs $500 to stay in school and is currently 40% toward his goal.

Raised $200 from 3 donors Needs $300


Vincent is a disciplined and intelligent boy. His dream to become an electrical engineer started early in life when he learnt the skills of radio repair from a neighbor. He developed great interest in repairing radios that had been thrown away. Out of his curiosity, he repaired his first broken radio for his uncle and it worked! Later he repaired yet another broken radio for his grandfather and it worked too! Vincent's good performance in school did not come on a silver platter. He was able to sacrifice his sleep by sleeping late and waking up very early to study. He also consulted his teachers much on subjects he felt he needed help. He believes that hard work pays. Vincent is the only son to his single mother. He currently lives with his grandparents. His grandfather has suffered stroke and has not been able to help provide for Vincent.

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2020 Form 4
2019 Form 3
2018 Form 2
2017 Form 1


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Hi Vincent,

So glad you are doing so well in school. Earlier this year you said you liked Chemistry, is that your favorite subject? What do you want to do when you grow up? Would you go to University?

So it sounds like you are getting some good rains, I am happy to hear about that. How long is your break? My younger two kids are just finishing their 1st quarter, they really don't get a break until Thanksgivings in late November. The break is really for the Holidays. My son is in 12th grade which is the last year before University. He is applying for colleges now. I think he wants to be an Engineer.l We won't find out until December or January. My younger daughter is in 11th grade & studying Graphic Design. She also plays a lot of field hockey, her name is Lily. My son's name is Liam and my oldest's daughter's name is Maggie. She is a Junior at Penn State University and is studying Telecom.

This picture is of him with his American football helmut on.

Take care Vincent and Congrats on your hard work. Laura
The term has come to an end. Over the holiday I have planned to help my grandparents in the little garden since it is the onset of the rains. More so perfect my grade. The term was successful. Thanks for the support through out the year.

Goodbye thanks a lot.
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