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Carolyne is the third born child in a family of six. Two of her sisters have been sick since childhood they have never been enrolled in school due to their health conditions. Carolyne's father is a casual laborer while the mother stays at home to take care of the sick children. The medical treatment of the children has depleted all the family resources and they have to depend on the mercy of well-wishers. Carolyne has faced many challenges. Many times she slept hungry without food but was always looking forward to being in school as there was a free lunch served (thanks to the school feeding program supported by a charity organization). Carolyne was determined and worked hard and excelled. Carolyne wants to be a doctor in future to treat people whom suffering (just like her two sisters) and improve the health of the people in Kenya.

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Hellooo.........Hoping that you are all fine and fairing on well, Am also fine too and putting more efforts in my studies understanding that i should make the hey when the sun rises. Am very gland to communicate to you this hour of the day. I thank you for the support you have given unto me up to this far, gratitude.During this time of Corona virus pandemic Am really trying my best to study and also helping my parents in household chores. Good byeeeee till next time............
Greetings to all hope you are fine am fine too.We have come for mid term break on 16th Feb 2020.Am gland and also happy to communicate to you at this hour of the day .I take this precious moment to thank you for your support up to this far for keeping Me in class all the time that have been at school . I  appreciate for that may God bless you abundantly. During the mid term I will study very smart so as to achieve my goals that I have set for this year. I will also assist my parents in the field to harvest the maize. We are going back to school after mid term on Monday 24th Feb 2020. As I am going back I promise to do my best. Good byeee see you again.
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