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Virginia is the first-born child in a family of four. Her father is a casual laborer while her mother is a housewife. After doing her final exam in 2015 and scoring well, Virginia could not join secondary school since her parents could not afford the fees. Her parents wanted her to get employed as house help. Her hopes of becoming a doctor and help people in need was diminishing. She decided to repeat grade eight and she emerged the best in her school. Her success was not without challenges. She lacked kerosene to study at night and could only use her daytime to study. Most of the time she was sent home due to lack of payment for school levies. Virginia is outgoing and determined to go against all odds to achieve her dreams.

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Am glad to be back home for our midterm break for one week. The half term activities has been good and well done there back at school.Am really happy for your support. I have been working hard to achieve my target.
I hope you are really fine , you had merry Christmas and happy new year . Am glad to inform you that we are opening our schools tomorrow.I hope the term will be fine to me.I will work smart for the success of my studies.The holiday was successful to me and i tried to obey my parents.Thank you for the great support you have provided for me.May God bless you all.
I hope you are all fine. Am also too.I am happy to be back home alive and kicking.I will really help my parent to do home courses . Thank you for the great support you have been giving me since i was in form one up to the end of form two. May God bless you all.
I am glad to inform you that, i am going back to school to continue with my studies. I will work hard to achieve my target this term.I hope the term will be well and all the activities will also be well.I thank you for the great support you have given me by paying my school fees and i also request you to continue supporting me. May God bless you all for the support you have given me. Amen.
Hi Maimuna,
I am very happy to be back home for midterm break. The term has been well and i have been working hard to achieve my goal.I thank God for the far He has taken me.Be blessed.
I hope you are all a life and kicking .I am also fine.We have gone for our mid-term break for about seven days.The activities of the half term were well done. I am still working hard to achieve my target at the end of this term.Thank you for the support you have given me.May God bless you all.
I hope you are all fine.I am also fine.We will open our school next week on date two.We will start our term one activities and work hard to achieve my target which is grade B plus.Thank you for your support and may God bless all.I wish you happy new year.
I hope you are all fine.I'm also fine.Last week we closed school for December holiday. The year was good and I have been working hard for better results.Over the holiday I will be helping my parents by doing home duties and also working on my books. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for your support .May God bless you.
I hope you are all fine.We have gone back to school for the term three. I am ready to achieve my target . I am glad for your support you have been giving me for time been .May God bless you all
I hope you are all fine. I am also fine. We have break for our mid term
for about one week.All activities have been well there back at school .I am glad for the support you been giving me.God bless you all.
I am happy to be a school fund student. I am also happy for the support you have given me. we have open our school today. We are going to start our term two activities .I am going to work hard to achieve my dreams . May God bless you.
Hi Maimuna,
I am happy to share this journal with you .We have closed our school for about three weeks. Am working hard to achieve my goal, knowing that hard work rewards success . I am Kenyan girl named virginia .May God bless you.
Hello Virginia
how are you doing,i hope you are fine i am a Tanzanian girl named Maimuna i want to wish you best like in your dreams and may god bless you too.

have nice studies
I am happy to share a journal with you. I am also happy to be a student in the school fund. My motto is " knowledge is shelter". What I know is that determination plus hard work rewards success. We have gone for mid term break for seven days. I am working hard to achieve my goal. God bless you all

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