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Life has been so tough for our family after the demise of my father, but I'll always thank my mother who worked hard to make sure that my siblings and I get our daily bread. Coming from a family of five and being the oldest I worked so hard in my primary school level and managed to score a total of 391 marks (Three Bells Primary), which secured me a chance with a national school (Kisii High School). At school I have remained focused to make sure that I achieve my dreams and goals of becoming an aeronautical engineer, without forgetting my interests in scouting and athletics. With great support from Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), I am really thankful to them for coming to my rescue when I really needed help and funding for my education. Something that my single parent wouldn't have managed even with the additional 1000 shilling that come from my aunt. I'll always be thankful to Shofco and TSF for the great support they've given me and I promise that I will work hard in school and make an impact in our community.

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I'm in form 4 currently and doing well there. It has not been easy though in the past but as to school fees, but having your support has made me work hard. I have had several challenges in school, previously i was bullied by some students, but I stood firm and did what was right, secondly, i always can't manage the pocket money that other students have since my family cannot afford, I also don't have the revision materials to study, during this corona period too i rarely concentrate in studies. I would like to be a leader as I am one in school. I am a beneficiary and I clearly understand the importance of this scholarship. I am very grateful and thank you so much.

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  • Simon




    It was difficult when I joined form one. The problem was how to communicate using the English language, it was difficult to me, but now I have learnt this language and it is helping me to answer questions from exams. The moment I felt proud of myself was when I passed standard seven national examinations. My happiest time is when it is my birthday. My dream is to be electrical engineer. I will have to study hard science subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. After reaching my dream, I will make sure that my family has access to electricity. I will help my community as an engineer and I will use part of my salary to support WEF students. If I could change my country, I would supply everybody with electricity.

    School Year 2022

  • Joshua




    The most difficulty I have experienced in my life is the poor economic status of our family. I sometimes participated in the work at home instead of going to school, due lack of enough for school needs such books, uniforms and exercise books. My dream is to be an engineer. I will reach there through studying hard and I will work hard in some practical activities in order to have enough skills and knowledge. I felt especially proud of myself when I joined Endarofta secondary school. I was very happy because I knew that as a member of WEF I will be able to study well since my needs will be covered. The happiest moment in my life was when I was selected to join secondary education. I was proud because there are a lot of students who miss the chance.

    School Year 2022

  • Elibariki




    It was hard sometimes when I was sent back home, lacking funds for the school requirement. I missed some classes and I lost concentration on my studies. Although these are challenges, I make all my efforts to pass. The happiest moments in my life are when I am progressing well and pass all my examinations. My success in my examination inspires my parents love me. Four years from now I hope to be at form five proceeding with my higher education.

    School Year 2022

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