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I have been staying with my mother after she got divorced with my father. This forces my mother to take care us without any support from my father. My mother being the only bread winner, works as a housekeeper everyday. She fights hard to put food on the table, which sometimes is not easy to manage feeding the five of us. My mother always prays for us everyday so that we receive blessings. I got lucky after applying for the scholarship program for less fortunate children in Kibera. My hope is to become a neuro-surgeon and in the future I will help my mother and other children come out of poverty.

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Form four term one 2020 everything began well. We were all ready to learn and achieve our goals. Life in school was good because I was able to be in school. My school gave us a conducive environment for learning. However, as time passed by there was an outbreak of Corona virus and schools were shut down so as to protect the student against the disease/virus. All learning intuitions and other social gathering were not allowed. All the students across the country went home at the beginning of March.
Life at home was not easy since learning was not easy. Our school started online classes to help the students learn and continue with their syllabus. This new system became harder to adapt since not all students had access to mobile phones, networks and necessary machines like laptops and computers. This system of learning only worked for two months and collapsed. I had to look for other source of studying. We as candidates joined from the neighbourhood and formed a group of eight students. Our aim was to help each other to improve on our studies. The group lasted for three months after which the cabinet secretary announced that all candidates were returning back to school.
At school some measures were put in order to avoid students from contracting the virus. In the school we were to maintain social distance, put on face masks and was our hand regularly. We were forced to adapt to this new situation and with time it became normal. In academics we doubled our efforts in order to be able to wind up our syllabus and recover the time lost during the pandemic period. In school after three weeks we did our mock exam which I was able to score a mean grade of B+. we continue with our learning and after two weeks we did another exam which we are yet to be given the results. We closed school for Christmas holiday for one and half weeks.
We are now returning back to school for our final term and final examination Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E). I promise to work harder and achieve the best in this coming exam.
I would like to take this chance to thank and appreciate scholarship for paying my school fees since form one up to form four and may God bless you.

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