Bredah Katiku is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2022 to stay in school and is currently 60% toward her goal.

Raised $300 from 4 donors Needs $200


Bredah is an outgoing girl who is determined to excel in life despite all odds. She is the third born child in a family of six. Her parents are poor and only does casual jobs to cater for their big family. In school Bredah would get ridiculed by fellow students since her uniform was torn and her parents could not afford to buy her a new one. Despite missing many school days due to school levies, Bredah worked tirelessly to emerge among the best students in her school. Her dream is to become a nurse in future to help many patients who suffer in hospitals due to lack of good care. Bredah believes that hard work never goes unrewarded.

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2022 Form 4
2021 Form 3
2020 Form 3
2019 Form 2
2018 Form 1


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Hello friends,
Its my hope that you are well.Am also doing well and improving in my performance.I take this golden chance to thank you for your support and enabling me to stay at school.May God continue blessing you and I wish you a nice time.
Hello friends,
I am happy and grateful to the Almighty God for He has enabled me to come back from school in good health.I am determined to work smart and achieve my dreams.I thank you for the support you have given me concerning my education.May the gracious God grant you more and more.I would like to wish you a nice time and remember to stay safe.
Hi friends,
Hope you are all fine.Back here am also doing well and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for His protection over the last year.As I go back to school I am focused to achieve higher grades and pursue my dreams in future.I also thank you for your support .I wish you a happy new year full of Gods blessings and prosperity.
Hi Bredah hope you are fine.Continue working hard to achieve your dream.
Hi friends good back here and its my hope that you are also fine.I would like to thank God for the far He has brought us and also for keeping us safe since the pandemic attacked the world.I am still focused on my studies to achieve my best and be an important person in future.Thanks all for your support and may you live long.Love you all.
Hello friends am so grateful because of you guys for what you have been doing for me.I thank God for the far he has brought us and His protection to us especially since we came back home from school.As for me am still focused on doing my best to achieve my goals.I wish you all the best.
Hello donors Am happy to be part of the scholarship.Since I came from school have been taking part in many activities like helping in doing home chores and studying.I hope you are save.I wish to work extra harder towards achieving my goals.I always believe that hard work never goes unrewarded and at the same time nothing comes from a silver platter.
Hello donors
I am doing well at school.I am working hard in my studies bearing in mind that hard work never goes unrewarded.The school has been having a few changes but it is good am able to adapt.I thank you for the support you have given me so that I remain in school and attend classes without any commotion.I promise to manage my time at school well in order to attain my goals.
Hello donors second term has been running smoothly.I am glad for the support you have given me.I am doing well at school more so in academics.I am working hard in order to achieve my goals,bearing in mind that hard work never goes unrewarded and nothing comes from a silver platter.
Hello friends
I am glad that i am back from school.I thank God for the far He has brought us.I also thank you for the support you have been giving.i am working hard to achieve my goals.Thank you.
Hi friends.The December holiday has been good and I thank God for being with me the whole year.As I go back to school am determined to work hard and do well in my education.
Hi friends
I would like to thank the Almighty for the chance He has given me to be back from school for the December holiday.Term three has been very busy and am working hard towards my goal.

I hope you are well. I just wanted to reach out and say hello and send our blessings from Canada. Please write when you can.

With love,
Suzanne and Peter
Hi friends am back from school for the holiday .the term has been very busy and i thank the almighty God for His protection.I am still working hard for the best.I wish you a nice time;
Hello Bredah,

It is wonderful to meet you and to help sponsor your school year. What is your favourite subject in school?

Please write us when you can,
Suzanne and Peter

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