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Nzioka is the lastborn child in a family of six. His parents are aged and only depend on subsistence farming to bring up their family. Although Nzioka faced a myriad of challenges in school, including being send home for school levies, he emerged the best student in his school. He aspires to be a doctor in future in order to help the less fortunate students in the society who suffer from various ailments so that they can study comfortably. Nzioka believes that working hard and believing in God makes everything possible.

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Hi,we are now at our homes due to the corona virus pandemic.At home i am working extra hard by studying. I am also helping my parents with the home chores.I am also keeping the precautions against corona virus by washing my hands and also wearing face mask.I wish that this virus may end so that we can resume with our studies since education is the key to success.Am praying that this pandemic may end by Gods grace.
Thank you and may God bless you all and remember to wash your hands,wear face masks and also keep the recommended social distancing.bye bye.
Keep up the good work!!
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