Jane is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2021 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward her goal.

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Jane is the first born child in a family of three. Her father deserted the family leaving the children under the care of their mother who works as a house help. Jane completed grade eight in 2016 and scored high marks. Her mother could not afford to take her to secondary school and instead wanted her to be employed as a house help. Jane defied her mother and with the help of her local pastor went back to school and repeated grade 8. In 2017 she emerged the best girl in her school and was admitted to a national school. Despite the many challenges, Jane is determined to excel in her studies. Her dream to become a surgeon remains her driving force. She hopes to help the less fortunate in the society who cannot afford medical care. Jane believes that hard work pays.

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Hi,Jane keep on working hard for you have a great potential of being a great doctor.
I wish you success in your studies as you continue keeping safe.
Wow Jane,

It is a tough time. So sorry about your basketball, sounds like you were having fun and were so successful. Do you know that many people sick with Covid-19? I just heard of a fair amount of young people that got sick lat week, but their cases were super mild.

What are you doing with your free time> Are you going to the Learning Resource Center a lot? How far from your home is it? Stay safe, Laura
Hi friends
I hope you are fine and staying safe from the pandemic. I am so glad to thank you for supporting my education may God bless you.
School was fine although we did not do our end term exams.I was playing basketball and we were to proceed to county level before the suspension of schools.I cant imagine staying at home the whole year but I have no choice.I wish this year speeds up and go back to school next year please stay home and follow all the guidelines and for the best for our country.Bye for now.
Hi T.S.F students hope you are fine am wishing you a blessed term full of success may the almighty God protect you .Till next time bye I love you all.
Hi my dear T.S.F students it is back to school know I wish you a blessed term full of success .Work smater towards your goals,remember the re-treat during the coming holiday.WISH YOU WELL ALL.
Hi Jane,

How are you. My name is Laura and I have been to Kenya twice to various schools in Wamuyu with Kenya Connect. Both times I have been deeply moved by the beautiful people in Kenya. That area in Kenya is so beautiful and I love the culture and the Kamba Tribe. I have beautiful wood carvings around my house in Maryland, USA from the world famous wood carvers. I have three kids and my oldest, Maggie came to visit Wamuyu in 2017 with me. She is currently in University at Penn State University and my son Liam has a little over a year to go and Lily has two years. Lily is adopted from China.

Tell me about your self, I look forward to hearing from you. All my best, Laura
Hi Jane
I am a student also in Kenya in the last academic year. I am glad to hear that you participate in games .And if I may ask what game do you take part in?
I like football and in fact that's my hobby . I am not a fun in music and I wish you all the best .
May the Almighty God grant you success in you studies
TSF.friends.i hope you have closed school well and you are all fine .The term was very busy and i think you all worked extra hard .The term was full of activities .I participated in ball games and music we went up to regional levels.i am waiting to hear from you to know how you were doing through the term

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