Magaly is a student from Ecuador. She needs $820 by September 1, 2022 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward her goal.

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Magaly lives in a small village on the outskirts of Quito with her mother and two sisters. Her mother does not have a stable job.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2023 Year 6
2022 Year 5
2021 Year 5
2020 Year 4
2019 Grade 9


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Hello. This year has been full of new things and experiences different from those I was used to, but I got through it and finished the year with excellent marks and with lots of new knowledge. I worked every day to educate myself via videos. Now I've started my penultimate year at school and I'm enjoying what I'm learning. I am sad though that we are still not back at school full-time. I miss my classmates and teachers, and above all the great teaching and laughter that we shared. I hope all these problems are over very soon.
This term has been part good and part bad. Because the classes aren't face-to-face it's sometimes difficult to understand, and also the school sends too much homework so I sometimes feel stressed. On the good side though, I've managed to do most of the work and pass the tests with the help of the internet - which means we can find lots of information. In other words, I've learnt to study in a different way. Thank you for your help.
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