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Ndajiri is a bright and driven young woman who dreams of reaching her goals. She loves to study math and play netball. Ndajiri is determined to be successful in her education so she can one day become the Headmaster of Orkeeswa. She lives with her mother, father, grandmother and five younger siblings. Ndajiriís grandmother is the biggest advocate for her education and deeply supports her pursuit. Her mother and father are unable to provide for Ndajiriís school fees.

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2020 Form 1
2019 Grade 6


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Hi TSF Sponsors,

This is Samantha, the Scholarship Coordinator at Orkeeswa School, writing on Ndajiri's behalf. Ndajiri has had a really busy and exciting time in the 7th Grade this year. She was selected for the Tanzania U16 Junior Girls National Basketball Team, and recently traveled to Kenya and Rwanda to represent her country in two international tournaments!

Thank you for your support of Ndajiri's education at Orkeeswa School!

With gratitude,

Sam, Ndajiri, and Orkeeswa School

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