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Shadrack is the last-born child in a family of six. Most of his siblings dropped out of school. His parents are old and unable to do manual work. Shadrack was born weak and this delayed him from joining school. Though with a small body stature he is older than his peers. His dream is to become an electrical engineer to be able to help people in his village access electricity.

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2022 Form 3
2021 Form 2
2020 Form 2
2019 Form 1


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Hi donor,
It is my great hope that you are fine. I am fine too and of great health.
I am glad to write to you again and inform you that my progress in school had being fine and we are in our half-term break which is almost over. We are going back for the second phase which will be over on 23 December. I am also happy to share to you that I changed my hobby from riding to reading which I am finding it such interesting hobby. What is your hobby now?
I am reading a novel titled THE LOST HERO by Percy Jackson. It is interesting and I request you to read and you will find it such an interesting story.

I would like to wish you merry Christmas and happy new year.

Hello donor,
Its my great hope that your doing well . I am doing well.
My progress in school has been well regardless of some few challenges which I struggled and overcome them. Which were some of your challenges did underwent while you in school and how did manage to overcome them?
I am still working smart in order to achieve my dream of being a lawyer. Which career did you pursue while you where in school?
I would like to inform that we in a short break which is almost over and its during this period we are busy preparing our garden for the upcoming rains. How is the weather in your area? The weather here sunny.
I would like to appreciate you once more for the support of my education.

Thank you.

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    I am the second child of a single mother who works as a casual worker, mostly doing household laundry in the neighborhood. She also does other small trades and through this, she can only pay for my older brother's fee. I love playing volleyball and my dream is to represent kenya at an international level. I also dream of being an engineer and try establish a foundation to help needy children in my community.

    School Year 2022

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    I was raised by father after the death of my mother in 2009. She was the family' breadwinner and this proved very difficult for us. In primary school, I was supported by well-wishers and they were not able to extend the help beyong that level. I dream of being a doctor and help people in my community and Kenya at large. Hopefully, my influence will be some dsy felt across the globe.

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    I am thee son of a single mother who until recently was the breadwinner in our family. We own a small piece of land which we injerited from my father but it has cannot fully sustain the family's needs. I am a talented athlete and I enjoy long-distance races. i dream of being a professional athlete in future and helpo get rid of poverty.

    School Year 2022

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