Faith is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2023 to stay in school and is currently 1% toward her goal.

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Faith is the last-born child in a family of three. She did her final primary school exam in 2018 and passed well but she could not proceed to high school due to lack of school fees. She however did not give up in life. She decided to repeat grade eight with hope that her mother would take her to school. Due to extreme poverty her elder siblings never went to high school. Her father is a drunkard and abusive. With the little income from casual jobs, her mother has managed to cater for the family’s basic needs. With all these many challenges, Faith has remained focused. She dreams to be a renowned lawyer in future to litigate on matters concerning the poor and especially the girl child. To her determination knows no barriers.

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Hi donors
How are you? Its my hope that you are doing good. My its just a few remarks that the term has been good.I am very glad to inform that in school am trying my best to achieve my target and acquire my dreams of becoming a well trained lawyer in future.

I will be back on 13th July 2023. In this holiday I will revise more to achieve my goals. I am still following the footsteps of Mitchell Obama who was a well trained lawyer.
Hi donors
How are you? Hope you are doing well.Am very glad to inform you that I have enjoyed the holiday. And still working smart to achieve my goals of becoming a trained lawyer and fight for human rights mostly women. On 27th April 2022 for the start of term one form three.
Good bye!
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