Wambua is a student from Kenya. He needs $500 by January 1, 2023 to stay in school and is currently 60% toward his goal.

Raised $300 from 1 donor Needs $200


Wambua is a very hard-working boy. In his school he emerged to be one of the top students. During his primary education Wambua remained focused despite the many challenges he went through. He is grateful to his teacher who exempted him from paying school levies and remained in school. His mother is single and only does casual jobs to cater for the family. Wambua is determined to become a doctor in future. He believes that hard work never goes unrewarded.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2023 Form 3
2022 Form 2
2021 Form 1
2020 Form 1


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Hi donors...
I hereby appreciate you for your support towards paying my school fees.If it were not for you I would manage to manage it to a boarding high school.Thanks and may you be blessed for your generosity.Bye...
Hi donors...
Hope you are well.I am hereby writing this journal after am back from school for the end of term two.This term academic progress has been quite good.I have improved in my performance a lot. Our school was lucky to be represented in the nationals during this year's sporting activities. Even though we did not proceed, I think we did our best.
Far from that, we Kenyans are very happy for conducting peaceful elections and having the fifth president.
I thank you very much for your generosity towards paying my school fees.
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