Wambua is a student from Kenya. He needs $500 to stay in school and is currently 14% toward his goal.

Raised $70 from 4 donors Needs $430


Wambua is a very hard-working boy. In his school he emerged to be one of the top students. During his primary education Wambua remained focused despite the many challenges he went through. He is grateful to his teacher who exempted him from paying school levies and remained in school. His mother is single and only does casual jobs to cater for the family. Wambua is determined to become a doctor in future. He believes that hard work never goes unrewarded.

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2020 Form 1


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Hello Friends
I take this opportunity to appreciate you in the contribution you made in my education. I am working hard to achieve my dream of
becoming a neurosurgeon in future. I am working hard in school
school and also at home during this break we went home due to
Corona virus disease.At home I have been keeping myself busy by studying hard during the day and sometimes helping my mother in home chores. I have also been discussing some questions with my friend.Bye
Hi friends,
How are you?hoping you are doing fine.I am very well and going on well with my studies.My dream is to become a neurosurgeon in which I am working very hard to achieve my goal.I appreciate the support You are giving me to achieve my dreams by paying my school fees .As I am on midterm break I'm still studying hard to achieve my target.May God bless you. Byee..

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