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Dipanshi is studying in class 9th. She is very fond of dancing and reading books. Her favorite sport is hockey and enjoys playing it. Her ambition is to become a Police Officer.�Dipanshi is very aspirational and wants to achieve her dreams, she works hard in class and scores good grades.�

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"I have been improving my reading skills in English. I borrowed some books from my friends. I was initially worried
about not going to school and missing on my studies but when online classes started I felt reassured. I am grateful
for my teachers for helping us out. "
Hi donors
How are you? Its my hope that you are well.I am doing well also.
I joined St Charles Lwanga.When I grow up I wish to become civil engineer so that I may build more desirable roads in our county and also help in many areas as I can.
I have been doing well in my studies .In this one week holiday, I have been doing some revision in my subjects for better improvement next term.I would like to appreciate you for the support of my education.

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  • Beatrice




    I am the second child of a single mother who works as a casual worker, mostly doing household laundry in the neighborhood. She also does other small trades and through this, she can only pay for my older brother's fee. I love playing volleyball and my dream is to represent kenya at an international level. I also dream of being an engineer and try establish a foundation to help needy children in my community.

    School Year 2022

  • Sharon




    I was raised by father after the death of my mother in 2009. She was the family' breadwinner and this proved very difficult for us. In primary school, I was supported by well-wishers and they were not able to extend the help beyong that level. I dream of being a doctor and help people in my community and Kenya at large. Hopefully, my influence will be some dsy felt across the globe.

    School Year 2022

  • Walter




    I am thee son of a single mother who until recently was the breadwinner in our family. We own a small piece of land which we injerited from my father but it has cannot fully sustain the family's needs. I am a talented athlete and I enjoy long-distance races. i dream of being a professional athlete in future and helpo get rid of poverty.

    School Year 2022

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