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Elijah is the fourth born in a family of five. Their father neglected the family and left his mother the burden of providing for the family. The mother lost her business last year due to Covid-19 and now does casual jobs to support two of her daughters in secondary school. At home Elijah could not study well due to lack of reliable source of light. He used to wake up very early to make it to school in order to utilize the electricity at the school. Managing time well and consulting teachers made him excel in his studies. He aspires to be an aeronautical engineer and making new discoveries. His academic path so far has taught him that every successful person has a painful story. Elijah likes swimming.

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Hi donors,
I hope you are doing well?On my side I am doing well in my studies.I am still keeping the lamp burning in order to achieve my dreams.We had closed our school for the December holiday.
I want to appreciate you for the good job that you have being doing to make sure that I`m in school with other students.
I have been revising while adhering to the government regulations of the corona virus.I promise you to work hard so that I can achieve more and more.
I want to wish you a nice time .Goodbye.
Hi donors,
I hope that you are doing well?On my side,I am doing well in my studies.I am still working hard bearing in mind that hard work never goes unrewarded.This is another moment that we have a short mid-term break .
I want also to this opportunity to thank you for your support .I did not miss any class .I have been in class with other students.I promise you to keep the lamp burning in order to achieve my goal.
I pray so that you may be granted more and more.I wish you a nice time and a nice stay.Goodbye.
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  • Simon




    It was difficult when I joined form one. The problem was how to communicate using the English language, it was difficult to me, but now I have learnt this language and it is helping me to answer questions from exams. The moment I felt proud of myself was when I passed standard seven national examinations. My happiest time is when it is my birthday. My dream is to be electrical engineer. I will have to study hard science subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. After reaching my dream, I will make sure that my family has access to electricity. I will help my community as an engineer and I will use part of my salary to support WEF students. If I could change my country, I would supply everybody with electricity.

    School Year 2022

  • Joshua




    The most difficulty I have experienced in my life is the poor economic status of our family. I sometimes participated in the work at home instead of going to school, due lack of enough for school needs such books, uniforms and exercise books. My dream is to be an engineer. I will reach there through studying hard and I will work hard in some practical activities in order to have enough skills and knowledge. I felt especially proud of myself when I joined Endarofta secondary school. I was very happy because I knew that as a member of WEF I will be able to study well since my needs will be covered. The happiest moment in my life was when I was selected to join secondary education. I was proud because there are a lot of students who miss the chance.

    School Year 2022

  • Elibariki




    It was hard sometimes when I was sent back home, lacking funds for the school requirement. I missed some classes and I lost concentration on my studies. Although these are challenges, I make all my efforts to pass. The happiest moments in my life are when I am progressing well and pass all my examinations. My success in my examination inspires my parents love me. Four years from now I hope to be at form five proceeding with my higher education.

    School Year 2022

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