Vincent Muuo is a student from Kenya. He needs $500 by January 1, 2025 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward his goal.

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Vincent is the third born in a family of four. His parents separated leaving the burden of supporting the family to his mother. The mother is currently unemployed and only does casual job to cater for family needs. While in Primary school, Vincent was often sent home to collect school levies and this affected his studies. He could spend almost half of the night reading to compensate the lost time. Despite the challenges, he worked tirelessly to achieve the best in his primary education. Vincent aspires to be a doctor in future. He believes that quitters never win but winners never quit. He likes watching football and reading storybooks.

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Hi donors,

Warm Greetings!Its my hope that you are safe, sound and healthy.I want to thank you for your support in my big dreams and my education.May the almighty God bless you and protect you in your ways forever.Your big support has been a blessing to me and if it were not for your big hearts I could not be where I am now.

The second phase of the term has been quite busy as there was athletics where our school managed to champion up to the county in hockey,rugby,and basket ball.Our teams now are on toes preparing for the second term`s ball games.

We were released for our holiday on 3 April 2024 but I was left in school for a christian camp which ran up to Friday and we left for our holiday on Saturday.We are expected to report back on 29 April 2024 ready for learning as we are preparing for the final national examination at the end of the year and I promise to work more harder to achieve the best and qualify for a degree in Law at the university.

I always believe in one quote that Winners never quit and quitters never win and this has kept me pushing harder in my studies.
Bye bye and have a nice time ahead.
Hi donors,

Its my hope and trust that you are sound and healthy.I am very grateful and happy for your support towards my dream.Thank you for your big and kind hearts.May he who live above all lift you up towards your day to day goals.Now am a form four candidate because of your generous contributions towards my school fees.
As a form four, I have made my own plans to make me succeed in my national examination and join my dream university.

We were released for our midterm on date 28 February 2024 and expected to return back on date 5 March 2024.I will use the holiday to benefit on my weak areas to improve my grades.
I always believe in one quote that "winners never quit."

Bye Bye.
Vincent Muuo.
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