Grace Ngina is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2023 to stay in school and is currently 55% toward her goal.

Raised $275 from 2 donors Needs $225


Grace is the third born in a family of four. Her mother abandoned her with her aged father and went with her three siblings. Her father has been supporting her through doing casual jobs but his old age and ailment has made it difficult for him to provide for the family. Grace has been receiving support from her teachers who have gone the extra mile to cater for her needs and school levies. Every evening Grace has to cook for the family and do the house chores. Her only time to study was late at night. Despite all those obstacles, Grace performed exemplary. She aspires to be a journalist in future and she believes in striving to be self-reliant. Grace likes reading storybooks.

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Thank you for the update! Wishing you all the best on a good term. I am looking forward to hearing about it.
How is the weather in Kenya? We just had the first day of the fall season here and the weather is just starting to get a little cooler.
Take care and thank you again for the update!
Hi donors,
We have come home for a short holiday of about two weeks. The term has been too short. I have tried my best to improve my grade.The most enjoyable day in school was a football match of students against teachers. The students won. As I go back to school I will try my best. Goodbye until next time...................
Hi donors
It is my hope that you are fine.I have enjoyed my holiday. It was much enjoyable.I have worked hard and to my best to improve my last grade.Over the holiday I have taken care of myself from any immoral behaviours that could have affected my studies.As I go back to school I will manage my time properly.Good bye till next time........
Hello friends,
I am trying to achieve my best .I have made friends who love me too much.I thank you for your support .We have gone for holiday break for about 7 weeks .
My teachers encouraged me to work smart .The most enjoyable day was during school inter-classes because the form one won the football game. May God continue blessing you.I will improve so that I get a reward. I wish you a good holiday.Good bye.....
how are you. Hope you are fine. I am working smart in my studies. I thank you all for your support towards my education .If it were not you I would not be here.I am trying to overcome all the challenges I am facing through my success. I will make sure I pursue my dreams. I pray that God continue blessing you.Thank you.
Hello Donors?
How are you? Hope you are fine.It is my wish that the Lord has protected you.At school I am trying my best to get a good grade.I thank you for your support,if it were not for you I would not be in school today .May God continue pouring blessings upon you . Thank you ...
Hi friends,
Hope you are fine, i am also fine. I am really grateful for your support,if it were not for you actually i would not have joined the school which i am in now that is Muthetheni girls high school. At first , I was so depressed with the school environment as it was very cold but now I am coping well.I have learnt new things in my new class and i have also made new friends from different counties in kenya .My favorite subject is English which i performed the best.My dream is to become a Journalist because i love the world to know more about my country culture and our stories. Once again i say thank you very much .May God bless you...................................

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