Collins is a student from Kenya. He needs $500 by January 1, 2025 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward his goal.

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Collins is the last-born child in a family of six. His mother is single and has a great burden of education two of his siblings who are currently in high school. To keep the siblings in school she has sold almost her land. The family has been left with a very small land that cannot sustain their livelihood. Despite facing challenges in his primary school, Collins did not give up in his quest to become an accountant. He believes that hard work never goes unrewarded

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Hello donors,
It is such another wonderful moment that I would like to say hi to you. How have you been?It's my hope that you are good. As for to me,I have been well throughout the term as I did my best in academics in order to make a never ending improvement. This was consequently shown in my examination since I was able to improve on my points.

Although the term has been busy with many activities such as the preparations of the national exams,I worked tooth and nail to attain a mean grade of B plus. As "Barrack Obama" once said "yes I can", am still working with much zeal and zest towards my next year's national exam so as to attain a university grade.

Having closed the schools,I have decided to utilize the holiday in studies as I still help in some domestic activities. Lastly,I would like to thank you for your contribution towards paying my school fees. May you be blessed.
Hello donors,
First I would like to take this golden opportunity to shout hello to you.How are you?It is my hope that all is good and that you are fine.
Secondly I would like to express my warm gratitude for your support towards my academics by paying my school fees.

Although the term has been a bee-hive of activities

with so many functions including the alumni launch,contests and symposiums,I have been able to improve from last term's mean grade,B plain to a B plus.The functions were very educative as one of the alumni speakers quoted an adage,"Excellence and leisure do not mix."

This has enabled me to work tooth and nail bearing in mind that there is no room for comfort.Today on 9th August,2023 we have closed the school for an holiday till 29th of the same month.I have planned to utilise my time well in studies so that I may continue improving on academics.Once again I say thank you for your support.May you be blessed.Bye bye.
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    I have experience planting vegetables because my parents do that. Also, we have a garden at our home. Therefore, that is experience I have had in life. Apart from that experience, I also had a difficult experience when I failed my geography exam. That enabled me to learn how to cooperate with other students. I was so proud of myself when I performed well in my national exam. The memorable and happiest moment in my life will be when I reach my dream of being pilot. I will be so happy. My biggest dream is to be a pilot. I will get there through studying hard in physics, geography, and mathematics. After reaching my dream, I will help my parents to modify their cultivation system and to become professional farmers. From there they can expand the area of cultivation into a large plantation. Once I get a chance to have the power to change my country, I will build many airports in each region and some districts. This will help in the flexibility of transportation in my country.

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