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Purity is a jovial and focused girl. She is the first born in a family of two. Her father passed on leaving behind her mother who is ailing from leukemia and unable to perform heavy tasks. Purity enjoys reading. She was Kenya Connect 2020 queen reader having read 264 books in a span of three months. She aspires to be a lawyer to help fight injustices in the country. She strongly believes that hard work never goes unrewarded

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Dear donours,
greetings to you all,i hope you are doing fine,am doing okey,my appologies for not writing to you early in advance,am at home after a long school term for a holyday of about three weeks.At school everything is okey expect that am having trouble with some subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry, am trying my best here at home to try and recover what i had not understoond. Those three subjects lowered my mean grade from B- to C+ which am not happy at all ,thats one reason that made me not to get a good grade this term. Am looking forward for the opening exam which we will do after our holyday and see whether my grades will improve.Am sorry i have failed you this term and also am sorry i have written to you for a long time.I promise that the next exame that we are going to have my grades will not be dissapointing. Am going to work hard when am at home and also in school.
Thanks to all of you, you have been supporting me and giving me words of encouragement, may the lord bless you for everything you have done to me.
may you continue helping others as you help me thanks alot.
Dear donors,
Greetings to you all ,am fine and am at home after closing school on 20-4-2023. my school is fine the teachers are fine they teach well and the students are also doing good.my academic report this time round was not good at all ,I had not done good at all because I had a C+ which is a drop from B- for the last term in form 1. well, the exam that I did as my opening exam in form 2 was out of 30 and my mid term exam was out of 70 and we never did an end term exam so which makes my grade to be out of 100 for two exams. If they had kept both of the exams out of 100 it could be an improvement in this exam because last opening exam was out of 100 and I had a C constant and this mid term exam I had a B- but since its out of 100 two exams I got a C+. Am sorry I never attained the grade that I had promised , please forgive me all and thank you for your support that you have given me and paying for my school fees.May the almighty bless you all and continue helping other children who their parents can not afford their school fees. Thank you again.
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