Christine Syevia is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2024 to stay in school and is currently 1% toward her goal.

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Christine is the firstborn in a family of two. Her mother is a single parent and the sole breadwinner of the family. Christine completed her primary education in 2020 and was unable to join secondary school due to lack of school fees. She decided to repeat grade eight with great hopes of doing much better. And joining high school. Despite the challenges, she emerged the best student in her school. She aspires to be a neurosurgeon so she could save the lives of many. Christine believes that winners never quit and quitters never win. She loves reading and telling stories

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Hello donors,
How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. It is my great pleasure to communicate to you after departing for a short holiday of two weeks.

In fact I am working hard at school to achieve my goals. The term was short but we managed to do a lot of activities including co-curricular activities. I participated in ballgames like hockey. We did competition with other schools and we managed to be the best.

During the holiday, I have been attending Kenya Connect Library to get revision materials and to read novels in order to improve my grammar . I am also preparing myself to get back to school on 10th, May 2023.

May God bless you for the support that you have towards my studies.
Hello donors,
How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. On my side I am fabulous and doing well too. We have just come for a short midterm break on 16th March 2023 and be back on 20th March 2023.

At school, I have been working hard to achieve my dreams and also participated in drama club whereby we had a french coral . I was glad to hear my school been the best in the competition.

However, we had some challenges in our school like shortage of water and electricity but with all this, we managed to study no matter what. I am also visiting the Kenya Connect Library to get revision materials and improve my grammar .

May God bless you all for the support towards my studies.
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