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School is not free in many developing countries.
Low-income students are often forced to drop out.
We provide scholarships
for high-potential students.
The Students 100% of online donations go straight to students' school fees.
Anifa Benito Tanzania

I want to be a Pediatric when I grow up. I love to be with children and want to take care of their ...

Innocent Justine Tanzania

The most difficult experience I had early in my life was a car accident. I wasn’t able to walk af...

Mercy Kenya

Mercy is from a poor, illiterate family without any source of income. Her father was physically disa...

How The School Fund Works
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Leaders & Influencers
President Bill Clinton

42nd President of the United States

"In every developing country with a per capita income of $2 a day or less, each year of schooling adds 10% to earning capacity for life. This is really profoundly important... The School Fund works with local NGOs in Africa to identify students who need funding... It's a very good project."

Megan Smith

U.S. Chief Technology Officer

"Ideas are stronger and products are better when diverse minds collaborate together. I believe that all of us, especially girls and under-represented minorities, will need to team up to solve today's most pressing problems. The School Fund is doing great work to ensure that children all around the world get an education and activate their talents."