Samson is a student from Tanzania. He needs $375 by February 15, 2018 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward his goal.

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Class Rank: 2/29 My happiest moment in life is when I scored the highest grade A in the class seven exams. My dream in life is to become a surgeon. I am going to get there by studying hard and read a lot of books. The most difficult experience in my life was when my father was seriously sick and finally died on a Sunday morning at 8:00AM. I learned no one is immortal, everybody can die unexpectedly. The moment which I felt proud of myself is when we build a new house. I plan to give back to the community, after I become a surgical Doctor. I will build a surgery hospital and treat those who can't afford the surgery. I plan to give back to the School Fund by contributing 10% of my salary and to work together with this organization.

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My fellow student:

Welcome back to school! This is a new semester, it is time for new goals. new ideas and new learning.
At end of last semester, I wrote to you to write to me about the most remarkable or important thing that happened to you during your holiday! I am looking forward to reading your reply when you next write your journal.. Now while I really interested in what are you taking this year what will be your favorite subjects.

Knowledge will give you the power to be known you must read everything you can the more you know the more valuable you will be as a person and to your society.

I am coming to Tanzania at end of August and beginning the September.
I am looking forward to seeing you all.

Have fun and stay focuse! Best wish for all of you!
hello Jonathan
really i feel interested to get the kind of knowledge which i have gained from your post also myself i ready the book of summons called one fine morning it talks about poverty next time i will send the story to you
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