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Class Rank: 2/29 My happiest moment in life is when I scored the highest grade A in the class seven exams. My dream in life is to become a surgeon. I am going to get there by studying hard and read a lot of books. The most difficult experience in my life was when my father was seriously sick and finally died on a Sunday morning at 8:00AM. I learned no one is immortal, everybody can die unexpectedly. The moment which I felt proud of myself is when we build a new house. I plan to give back to the community, after I become a surgical Doctor. I will build a surgery hospital and treat those who can't afford the surgery. I plan to give back to the School Fund by contributing 10% of my salary and to work together with this organization.

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Dear Students,

A few years ago I came across a list consisting of some habits that are good to get into. I have incorporated these good habits into my daily life and I’d like to share them with you. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

1. Sleep early, around 9pm - 10pm. After working hard through the day, your body and mind need refreshing. Rest them as soon as possible.
2. Wake up early, around 5am - 6am. Start your day early. That time is the best time for inspiration to come in. After wake up, face the sky and the sun through your window. You will be motivated.
3. Be independent. Do your tasks by yourself. Solve your problem by yourself. Don’t always depend on other people. This doesn’t mean you should not get help from others.
4. Say thank you. Always say those 2 words if you get help from others.
5. Reading. Motivation and inspiration comes from what your eyes scanning for.
6. Writing. Put down in words on things that come to your head. Try to write 1 article per day. Having a diary is also a good approach.
7. Walking. Let sport always get into your day. The simplest one is walking. Keep moving and stay healthy.
8. Meditate. Focus on what you are doing. Finish it first and move to the other one. Don’t do multitasking. You can also meditate by sitting calmly and paying attention to your breath.
9. Help other people. Help people as they need and you are capable of doing it.

Have a great week,
Jonathan Gilbert
hello Madam Judy
i hope that your are fine and iam fine too
really i am going well i thank God for making me well untill these time when we are approaching the end of the end of the wolrd and now i am preparing for the annual exams which we are going to do them on 20 this month
all the best
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