Samson is a student from Tanzania. He needs $375 by February 15, 2018 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward his goal.

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Class Rank: 2/29 My happiest moment in life is when I scored the highest grade A in the class seven exams. My dream in life is to become a surgeon. I am going to get there by studying hard and read a lot of books. The most difficult experience in my life was when my father was seriously sick and finally died on a Sunday morning at 8:00AM. I learned no one is immortal, everybody can die unexpectedly. The moment which I felt proud of myself is when we build a new house. I plan to give back to the community, after I become a surgical Doctor. I will build a surgery hospital and treat those who can't afford the surgery. I plan to give back to the School Fund by contributing 10% of my salary and to work together with this organization.

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Dear student,
It has been very long time since last time I wrote to you. I have been out of town attending conferences, doing business and helping with family issues.
I know the new school year began two months ago and I hope you are able to focus on your studies and set goals for yourself. I hope you are doing well this school year.
In your journals I would like to see you are learning, what you like and dislike about the school, your accomplishments, your difficulties your life and your obstacles you face.
I want you to evaluate yourself, what is your strength and weakness, which area do you need to improve yourself. That way I could know who you are and help me to know you better. I wish you have a great year ahead of you and let me know there are anything you need me to help.
Best regards, Judy
hello jonathan I hope that your are fine and iam fine too
In our country in some places there is scarcity and spread of diseases and many people are losting their lifes .
is also your country suffering from this problems.
all the best
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    Class rank: 3/45 I was born in 1998 at Mount Merry Hospital. The most difficult experience I had early in life is the death of my father. This made our family to be in a bad condition. Due to the fact that my mother has low income, which could not provide the family with basic needs like food, education, clothes and others, life become miserable. I thank God that He has provided me a chance in The School Fund and I promise to use the opportunity well by studying hard and being a good student. The happiest moment in my life will be when I fulfill my dream of becoming a medical doctor and helping my country, society, and family, as well as The School Fund which has supported me to fulfill my dream.

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    I plan to grow up to be a Doctor, because I have seen many people have health problem. My happiest moment is when I was chosen to enter Form-1 after I completed primary level school. Not every child can enter Form-1, it is a privilege. I am so proud of myself. After I fulfill my Doctor dream, I will build a lot of hospitals. People can get medical services when they are sick. I plan to give back to the School Fund portion of my salary. Also I would like to join this organization to help other children to go to school and get educated.

    School Year 2018

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