Ahmed is a student from Somalia. He needs $1800 to stay in school and is currently 54% toward his goal.

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Ahmed Daud Osman is a 15 year old from Hargeisa, Somaliland. He was raised in the Hargeisa Orphanage, and enrolled at Abaarso School of Science and Technology two years ago. He is now entering the ninth grade and is excited to begin a new year. Ahmed’s favorite subjects are math and science. In the future, he wants to be a professor. “Somaliland has many universities, but the education is not good. I want to teach the adults,” he says. Ahmed is not only compassionate, but also deeply introspective. When asked what is the most important lesson he’s learned at Abaarso, he took a moment to reply. “I learned how to be patient when you meet challenges.”

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2018 Grade 12
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2016 Grade 10
2015 Grade 9


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this term was the beginning of my 12th grade. it has been wonderful term so far and I am so excited to be on the last stage of high school and getting ready for university. I have been doing great things through this term and so far it has been pleasure to see myself doing something that i am happy with it. Besides that, I am doing great in classes and i feel that I am lucky enough to take calculus classes and physics. it was always my greatest pleasure to solve some math word problems and i have done such as a lot math during this term which i enjoyed so much that i cannot even believe it.
Hello Ahmad!
How are u
In the school we are in the first two weeks of term two. And actually term one had been very excited and fun term. There were a lot of work I have done on term one. As you know that when you are student you spent most of your time for studying because what usually challenge us as teenage or as students is education.vSome of the greatest things that I have done on term two was that I use to tutor and help some kids who came in the school every day for learning and I was very glad to help that kids.

There is a reason that I am learning and studying. I want to achieve and accomplish my goals and I have good expectation on my future. In the future I want to be engineer because after I have notice that the most issues that my country struggling with such as rough and poor roads cause by accidents every day. Besides, I don’t only want to be engineer but also I want to study economy and business because it’s something that I am personally interesting. I know there will be a lot of thing to do to achieve this goals but I will stay optimistic and energetic. Overall, thank you for everything, I hope you will find this letter.
My wife and son visited Abaarso last August and were so impressed with all of the students there. I hope to one day be able to come visit as well, but in the meantime wish you the best of luck with all your studies. I think it is a great goal to want to further your own education to come back and help others in Somaliland learn too.
Best regards,
We know about Abaarso, and it is amazing school with incredible students. We have met several of them. You must be incredible as well if you are there. Keep up your great work and efforts, and I am sure you will have a very bright future!
Andra and John

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