Hani is a student from Somalia. She needs $600 by September 30, 2019 to stay in school and is currently 33% toward her goal.

Raised $200 from 2 donors Needs $400


Hani is 12 years old, and beginning her first year at Abaarso School of Science and Technology in Somaliland. She hopes one day to go to America and continue her education, so she can be a doctor. She enjoys reading, playing games, and basketball. The best part about her first week was making new friends, and meeting her new teachers.

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2019 Grade 11
2018 Grade 10
2017 Grade 9
2016 Grade 8
2015 Grade 7


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I am now a 10th grade student. My first term is going so great. The classes get harder sometimes but I am still learning a lot. It feels good to be part of Abaarso community. Am not part of any club this term, instead I am In the community service and teach the orphanage. I gain a new experience everyday when I am teaching the kids. Honestly, Abaarso gave me strength and motivated me to never give up. I adopted more with the school now and I am ready to learn more and experience more in each new morning. I have gained a lot of knowledge this term and I hope It helps me forever.
If I talk about my term one, my term one was so great and fantastic. The first day that we came back from the break, I saw a lot of new students which was 7th graders and other new students which were different classes. That students were interesting and amazing. My classes starts very well and better than before, the new teachers that came were so nice teachers that respecting you more than anyone else. We do have a lot of different work times and there were some different change that happened into the school. I was so happy because I moved up to 8th grade. I also learned a lot of new things that I did not use to learn last year. Some people said it’s hard but if you look up again and try your best nothing will can stop you. Masha Allah! I am so proud to my teachers and my parents which makes me to come this time. There were some people used to say I hate this lessons because they are hard or something else, but the only thing that they should know is: Education is important to everyone, if you get a hard lessons or something else better to know this is life so while you are in this world the life gets easy and sometimes life gets to be difficult. I had a nice term that I never saw it or used to have. Abaarso School were so amazing this year especially, this term. We had a big gym and a big library inside our dorms that we can have everything we need. My term two started very well too. I enjoyed to meet with Abaarso School as a student.
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