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Eline’s family works hard on their subsistence farm to make ends meet, but often lack the additional resources to pay for school fees. Eline has two siblings: a younger brother and an older sister. While attending secondary school in Form IV, Eline’s sister became pregnant. Eline’s family supported her through the pregnancy and now, Eline’s sister is back attending secondary school. Eline and her siblings are very thankful that their family supports their education despite obstacles. Eline is very close with her family and hopes to create a new future for them through her secondary education.

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Hello Eline

I hope that you are well fine. today I like to share with you about something that is light
light is the form of energy that stimulate the sensation of vision
there are two types of light
1.Natural source of light
2. Artificial source of light
Example of natural source of light is sun, insects, some of fish etc
Example of natural source of light is moon, kerosene lamp,bulb,etc
one of the importance of light is to make our eyes to see,drying crops, clothes etc

This is the short explanation of the light, please write to me if you know more about this .
Hi Jermain, Jeanne, and TSF Sponsors,

This is Emma, the Scholarship Coordinator at Eline’s school, and I am writing on her behalf to update you all. In January, Eline and her classmates began Form Four at Orkeeswa School. As the last year of Ordinary Level education (O-level) before students continue to Advanced-Level (A-level), Form Four is an important and challenging year for students.

Eline and her classmates have been working very hard in all of their subjects and preparing for their National Examinations in November. In addition to her studies, Eline remains an active member of the girls’ soccer team at school and it’s amazing to watch her grow as a leader on and off of the field. I wanted to update you all on how she is doing at school and share some of her thoughts with you about how she plans to manage the stress of Form Four!

"I feel very proud to be in Form Four! This is something that I have planned all my life, and now I am here! Now that I am in Form Four, I really believe that I will make it. I want to go to A-level and then to University, so this is a good sign. It is good, and I am not even feeling stress now. Everything right now is revision, and I have time to study, so right now I do not feel that things are difficult. I am just so happy to be here, so I want to work very hard. In Life Skills, we learned about the signs of stress because the National Examinations can be very difficult and we need to know. Some people get very quiet, lose concentration, and feel sick when they are stressed. To reduce stress, I can have group discussions in class, sit with my friends so that they can make me laugh, or if you are not studying, you can make stories so that you think about something new. Or, if I have a problem that is really a big problem, I will tell a teacher or a friend so that she or he can help me to reduce my stress and solve the problem. For me, playing is my favorite way to reduce stress – and singing! I sing in religion, or also anytime I am doing any activity when I am not in class. I sing a lot! I think it makes me feel more relaxed because it makes me forget what I am thinking. If I am tired this year before my exams, I know that singing will help."

Thank you very much for supporting Eline’s education and Orkeeswa School! She is working hard and very appreciative of your encouragement!

With gratitude,
Emma (on Eline’s behalf)
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