Sereti is a student from Tanzania. She needs $1200 to stay in school and is currently 44% toward her goal.

Raised $530 from 6 donors Needs $670


Sereti’s parents are both subsistence farmers — cultivating crops and raising livestock. Sereti helps her family on their farm during the weekend. Her father has three wives and many children. Sereti is the youngest of five, having one brother and three sisters. None of Sereti’s other siblings were given the opportunity to go to secondary school. Instead, they were all married immediately after finishing primary school. Sereti hopes to be able to contribute to her family and make them proud by becoming the first in her family to complete secondary school.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2017 Form 4
2016 Form 3


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Hello Sereti
How are you? my name is Arapha from Iringa(Tanzania) I would like to be my friend but I know we are family member of The school fund.
I would like to advise you my friend study hard, struggle whatever you want. don`t fear on study and respect each other
From your lovely friend
Hi TSF Sponsors,

This is Emma, the Scholarship Coordinator at Sereti's school, and I am writing on her behalf to update you all. In January, Sereti began Form Four at Orkeeswa School and she is doing very well! Form Four is a very important year in the Tanzanian education system, as it is the last year of Ordinary Level education (O-level) before students continue to Advanced-Level (A-level).

Sereti and her classmates have been working very hard to prepare for their National Examinations in November. I wanted to share some of her thoughts with you about being a Form Four student and how she is managing the stress of such an important year!

"I am very proud to be in 10th Grade because it is the last year for my O-level studies. But, I also have a lot of stress because I am thinking about the National Exams at the end of the year. Sometimes, the subjects can be easy, but there are a lot of things that we have to cover before the exam. Also, it can feel like there is not enough time, but I am trying to balance my time so that I will have enough to study. I am thinking about how I can try to release my stress when I feel tired. If I am feeling like I have a lot of stress, I think it would be good to go into different groups and share with my friends. Then we can be together and find the best way to solve the problem. If I am just at home and feel that I am thinking too much and cannot study, I will try to sleep and refresh my mind before starting again. Maybe my sister at home will let me listen to her music if I am feeling very stressed too. But, that will only be sometimes!"

Thank you very much for supporting Sereti's education and Orkeeswa School! She is working hard and very appreciative of your encouragement!

With gratitude,
Emma (on Sereti's behalf)
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