Ngirunga is a student from Tanzania. He needs $1200 to stay in school and is currently 52% toward his goal.

Raised $630 from 9 donors Needs $570


Since Ngirunga’s father died many years ago, his mother has supported her four children by herself. Ngirunga now lives with his mother who is a subsistence farmer, his younger sister who is in primary school, and his two older brothers. His older brothers did not have the opportunity to go to secondary school and now work at home on the family farm. Ngirunga hopes to be able to receive a quality education so that he can give back to his family and ensure that his sister also goes to secondary school.

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Ngirunga's Funding history

Year Grade Receipt Status
2017 Form 5
2016 Form 4


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Hi, Ngirunga

Today i want to share with you about mining activities

Mining is a process of extracting minerals from the earth ground for example of minerals is diamond, gold , tanzanite, coal, oil and etc .
Uses of minerals are such that ;
- It is used as source of heat and light
-It is used for cooking
-It is used for driving machine
-It is used as ornament and etc

Factors influencing development of mining industry in our country
-Poor Marketing
-Adequate capital
-Poor infrastructures
-Modern technology
-poor management
-And poor government policies
Importance of mining activities in Tanzania
-Currency foreign exchange
-source of employment opportunity
-Improvement of infrastructures
-source of government revenue
PLEAS write back to me , If you know more about this
Hi again, everyone! I forgot to include the letter that Ngirunga wrote to you all recently. It is attached as a pdf here.

With thanks,
Lisa (on Ngirunga's behalf)
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