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Nuura's family includes her grandmother, two grandfathers, two sisters, and four brothers. Nuura has grown up without her parents. Her experience has developed a sense of compassion for others from difficult backgrounds. With this sense of compassion, Nuura’s hope for the future is to provide services for orphans and the poor in her country. Through this work, her dream is that Somalis will be able to live together united. At the present moment, Nuura’s favorite classes are Social Studies and Science. Outside of class, she enjoys being with her friends and making each other laugh. Her favorite books are A Long Walk to Water, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Count Down, and The Blue Ghost.

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2020 Grade 11
2019 Grade 10
2018 Grade 9
2017 Grade 8


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Hi Nuura,

I also enjoy studying science and making jokes with my friends! We have the same dream of one day being able to give back to the somali youth. I hope you have a great school year and reach your goals.

Hello Nuura,
I am so excited to see that you are advancing to the next grade in school, grade 9! It has been over one year since I wrote last. I am happy for your progress. Here is a photo of me writing, just like I am writing to you now. We keep you in our thoughts! I am not sure if you are able to see these messages but just in case, I wanted to send it here. You are special! Best Wishes, Bethany
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