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Kathule is the lastborn child in a family of four. Her father passed on leaving the burden of upbringing their children with her mother who is unemployed. Without the bread winner, her mother resulted to selling all that was left by their father to keep the children in school. She is now left with nothing to sell and her daughter now faces the challenge of dropping out of school. Despite being sent home severally for school fees within the year, Kathule was able to perform exemplary in her end of year exams. She has a passion in medicine and would like to be a doctor in future. Kathule believes that education is the key to a prosperous future.

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Hi Sharon
Hope you are fine and keeping safe from the pandemic.Here in Kenya I am also keeping safe from the pandemic.I had nice time back in school as we tried our best to complete the syllabus.I am glad to tell you that we managed to complete the syllabus in most of the subjects.I am happy that when we get back to school we will have adequate time to better our revision.We will be opening our school on 6th this month.I hope that I will have nice time in school as I try to work smart and achieve my goals.I know that this is the climax and am really working hard to finish well.I am glad to tell you that I will be sitting for my final exam this term and am hoping to well and emerge among the best.Here in Kenya the weather is fine.Wish you all the best in this new year.Happy to year from you.Bye!Nice time.
Greetings Kathule!
I'm excited to hear you are able to go back to school. I trust the Kenya Connect on-line classes have been helpful. I encourage you to stay focused at school and to work hard. It's always important to keep reading books outside of school too. It will help your reading fluency and comprehension. Did you know that kids who read more score higher on exams?

Today is is raining in Maryland and is quite chilly. Soon it will be Halloween which means children will dress up in costumes and knock on people's doors for "trick or treating." They hope to get a sweet treat! It will be a bit different this year with the pandemic.

Last weekend I went on 20 km bike ride through a beautiful park. It was along the Chesapeake Bay so we saw sailboats out on the water. It was quite lovely.

Good luck in school! I look forward to hearing from you again!
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