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Crispus is the second born child in a family of two. His mother is single and lost her employment last year. Without formal employment the burden of taking care of her two children has become a challenge. She currently relies on well-wishers to support her daughterÕs secondary education. Despite many challenges he faced, Crispus emerged the best student in his school and his dream is to become a civil engineer to help solve the problem of dilapidated roads in his village and across the country.Ê

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Hello Sharon!

I hope you have been doing well.On this other side,things have been going on well.To be honest,I have not been able to take on -line classes here at the LRC.The mentor series have been helpful..We have gained knowledge about some careers that most of us we dream about.
I am still in our village as we are waiting for the on coming rain season.Preparation of the farming areas has been one of the most busiest activity in our village.
I have been borrowing books from the LRC library.My favorite kind of book is My Life In Prison by John Kiriamiti.

Have a lovely time there in US.

Hello Crispus!

I hope you are doing well! I hear that many of the TSF students have been taking on-line classes at the LRC. Have you been able to participate? How about the mentor series? Have they been helpful?

I am currently in the state of Vermont which is in the Northeast of the US. The trees are changing colors from green to red, yellow and orange before the fall off for the winter. It's very beautiful. It's also getting quite chilly here. Vermont is known for maple syrup. It's something we put on pancakes and is quite sweet. It's made from the sap of trees.

I hope you are borrowing and reading lots of books from the LRC library. Do you have a favorite kind of book?

Take Care!

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