Syongwa is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2022 to stay in school and is currently 37% toward her goal.

Raised $185 from 4 donors Needs $315


Syongwa is the first-born child in a family of four. She lives with her grandmother together with her siblings. Syongwa has been working hard in school. She has remained focused in achieving her dreams. Despite the challenges she faced in her primary education she managed to score exemplary marks. Her grandmother has remained to be her encouragement to do the best in school. Due to poverty her mother neglected the children and left them with their grandmother. Syongwa dreams to be a journalist in future in order to advocate for the plight of girls especially orphans in the media. She believes that hard work never goes unrewarded.

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2022 Form 2
2021 Form 1
2020 Form 1


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Hi donors,
Hope you are going on well.I am also going on well since the last time I wrote to you.I am very glad to inform you that I am now at home for a short holiday which will be a great benefit to me especially in my studies.This term has being a very busy one and also a great experience to me since I joined a new class.I am very excited that am still going on well in my studies.
During this holiday I am going to improve my languages by reading alot of storybooks and novels.Of late I have read a book by the title Emulating parents written by Jane Ogore.This is a very ineresting autobiographic story as it has taught me how to go forward and reach my goal without giving up.I would also request you to read it and you will enjoy.
I hope you are excited about this and you will make great efforts to read much stories and am greatly anxious to hear from you about the most interesting novels you have ever read.
Take great care of your precious health of this deadly virus.To me the main vocabulary when going to public places is wearing a facemask.Hope you too are doing this.
I am going to report back to school on thirteenieth of this month and will be extremely prepared to begin my second term.I am greatly thanking you for your mighty support towards my bright future.
May the Almighty God grant you peace and harmony in all your doings and give you much strength to meet all the desires of your good and big hearts.
I am very anxious and would like to hear from you all.Bye! bye!
Hi donors and friends,
Hope you are extremely good.Am very excited than am getting back to school on Monday. Am very happy.May God bless you
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