Rakia is a student from Somalia. She needs $750 by March 13, 2023 to stay in school and is currently 26% toward her goal.

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My name is Rukia Jama.Today I want to quickly introduce my background. I am fourteen years old. I am from Burao but I live in Abaarso school. I went there to get a better education than I had before. I am in the 9th grade. Before I came to Abaarso school I attended Qaadi Maxamuud school in Burao which is close to our home. My family consists of twelve people including myself. Three of my siblings graduated from universities in the last four years. The rest of us are still working to graduate from high school. My mom works for all of us to provide us with living and education.

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    Muthini is the third born in a family of six. Her father is a drunkard and abusive and has neglected the family leaving the mother the only sole bread winner. She currently does casual jobs and the burden of taking care of the large family has overwhelmed her. Muthini is very determined and aggressive to achieve her dreams and become a doctor in future. Doing thorough revision and consulting with her teachers earned her a trump card. She likes reading storybooks and believes that hard work pays and never goes unrewarded. Muthini loves reading storybooks.

    School Year 2023

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    Elijah Musilu


    Elijah is the fourth born in a family of five. Their father neglected the family and left his mother the burden of providing for the family. The mother lost her business last year due to Covid-19 and now does casual jobs to support two of her daughters in secondary school. At home Elijah could not study well due to lack of reliable source of light. He used to wake up very early to make it to school in order to utilize the electricity at the school. Managing time well and consulting teachers made him excel in his studies. He aspires to be an aeronautical engineer and making new discoveries. His academic path so far has taught him that every successful person has a painful story. Elijah likes swimming.

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    Syongwa is the first-born child in a family of four. She lives with her grandmother together with her siblings. Syongwa has been working hard in school. She has remained focused in achieving her dreams. Despite the challenges she faced in her primary education she managed to score exemplary marks. Her grandmother has remained to be her encouragement to do the best in school. Due to poverty her mother neglected the children and left them with their grandmother. Syongwa dreams to be a journalist in future in order to advocate for the plight of girls especially orphans in the media. She believes that hard work never goes unrewarded.

    School Year 2023

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